1.1 Developing your ‘Power Move’

What is a ‘Power Move’?

Emotion is inspired by motion.

When we move our bodies, we change our emotional state. If you are feeling low, nervous, or sad, try jumping up and down 5 times, shaking your body out for 10 seconds, and then do a victory move with your arms up in the air as if you have just won the race of your life; and you WILL be in a different state.

If you want to make a powerful decision, be effective when you say “No!, perform at a high level in a meeting, or present powerfully on stage, then you need to be in the right emotional state to meet that challenge or situation.

You can change your ‘state’ in a heartbeat if you move your body. This is called changing your physiology. You can actually replicate any emotional state you want by changing your body position and your focus.

It is possible to practice being ‘powerful’. You just need to stand and move how you would if you were powerful, breathe how you would if you were powerful, think about times you were powerful, and focus on empowering inner dialogue.

Watch the video below as Sam Cawthorn talks about and demonstrates the ‘Power Move’.

Developing your Power Move

– Get your physiology straight up- and down (Learn to correct your posture)
– Create a physical move (ie: clap hands, slap chest/thighs) to anchor in to your physiology
– Do a victory yell with fist pump
– Combine both together = POWER MOVE
Practice your power move until it becomes second nature to you!

If you ever feel defeated, are about to enter into a high pressure situation, if you ever feel as though you can’t get motivated, or need to snap yourself back into a ‘peak’ state, this is where your power move is relevant and can be utilised for maximum benefit.

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